How To Remove Tech Support Scam Pop Up Virus

How To Remove Tech Support Scam Pop Up Fake Virus Warning

It started almost a decade back when online tech support companies used to make cold calls to a list of random tech-supportphone number and try to make you believe that you have a virus in your computer that need to be removed or your Windows operating system license has been expired and it will cost you money to renew it. But this all has been moved to the scariest form of malicious advertising or malware that generate fake Tech Support Scam Pop Up on your computer and force you to call a phone number and you will possibly call them as you do not any other choice to close it. Sometimes they display fake Microsoft Virus Warning Pop Up so that you assume it legit. These guys try everything so that this Fake Virus Warning Pop Up will look legitimate and impressive.

What is Tech Support Scam Pop Up
These pop ups are usually triggered when you browse the internet. There are thousands of websites that displays pop up ads to generate some revenue. This is not a bad idea to monetize the traffic you have on the website but many of them also trigger these scam pop up ads. When click a link on this kind websites and pop up or pop under just appear and it almost takes control of your web browser.

Another way of getting your computer infected by this Microsoft Virus Warning Pop Up is when you possibly download and install an ad support software or extension on your computer. When you install this type of application or software on your computer a malicious adware is also installed on your computer that keeps triggering this Microsoft Virus Warning Pop Up on your compute even if you are not online. You should be very careful when you download and install any free software on your computer. Most of these display an opt in message that you accept by mistake to install another software that is bundled with them.

Here is the example of tech support scam pop ups:

Tech Support Scam Pop Up

What is the Scam
When you get this Tech Support Scam Pop Up in front of you, generally they take control of your web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You have no way to close the web browser, you have to restart your computer and even when you try to open the web browser, again you might get the same scam pop up message. Generally this Microsoft Virus Warning Pop Up says that you have some kind of virus / malware in your computer, this is a Fake Virus Warning Pop Up and you have to call Microsoft or any other legitimate company to remove it. But when you call this phone number, it connects you with these scammers and they finally force you to pay them. You need to be aware of this fake virus warning pop up as you might lose hundreds of Dollars if you call them.

What Government Agencies Says
FTC says that this type of scare ware fake pop up scams might have several variant but ultimate purpose is the same. They have been created just to steal consumer’s money. FTC further suggest that if you face this kind of problem, do not try to close it or press any as it might further infect your computer but you should immediately shut down your computer. Customer must take precaution and should keep computers operating system and security software up to date.

How to Remove Fake Virus Warning Pop Up
Being used by the most of the world, Windows is the most affected operating system by this fake virus warning pop up or so called tech support scam pop up. Almost all web browser like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are affected by these pop ups. It might be difficult for you to get rid of these pop ups but not impossible. Next in the article, we will let you know to remove this fake virus warning pop up or tech support scam pop up from all popular web browsers.

To remove tech support scam pop up, you need to follow these instructions step by step for your respective web browser. If you computer has been hit by this tech support scam pop up, most probably you would not be able to close your web browser.

  1. Right click on the task bar and Start Task Manager or you can press Alt+Ctrl+Del key together and Start Task Manager.
  2. From the list of currently running applications right clicks on your web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Click on End Task to close your web browser.
  4. Now you need to clear browsing history of your web browser. Either you can delete it manually or we recommend using a good pc cleaner utility on your Windows computer.
  5. Scan your computer with good adware cleaner and antimalware software.


Free PC Cleaner

How To Protect Yourself
First of all do not click on any tech support scam pop up and if you did it, do not try to close it. Some time closing it results in more pop ups instead you should open the task manager and close the web browser or you can shut down and re-start your computer. Using a good pop up blocker software of browser add-on will also be a good idea. Your should always keep your computer and antivirus software update, we suggest you to buy a good reputed antivirus software for your computer but some free ones are also good. You should not click any link mentioned in spam emails. You should also not open any attachment in email unless you verify the sender of that email. Contact details mentioned on the tech support pop ups are often fake instead try for find out the correct contact details for respective vendor from some trusted source.

What To Do If You Have Already Been Scammed
If the tech support guy has already connected your computer via remote support software, disconnect the phone call and shut down your computer. We suggest you to scan your computer with a reputed antivirus or antimalware software for possible threats on your computer. If you have made a payment to remove fake Microsoft Virus Warning Pop Up then you need to contact your financial institution immediately and file a dispute to reverse the charge. Ask them to replace your credit or debit card as well.