Why Most of the Registry Cleaner Fails to Deliver Great Results

Registry CleanerA single place where you can find and locate all needed settings that is important for running your operating system successfully is known as the “Windows Registry.” Moreover, here in the Windows Registry you can obtain the needed information for the entire hardware and software associated with the user preferences. Simply, the Registry does not mean one large file, instead, it is a set of discrete files, collectively known as the hives, and is primarily located in the system32 folder.

The most important aspect of the Registry Cleaner is to clean up the computer, thereby enhancing and boosting up the system’s performance. The heart of the operating system is always the Registry and taking utmost care of it may prevent your system ending up crashing.

Thousands of Scam Registry Cleaners
But there are numerous reasons why the Free Registry Cleaner fails to deliver great results often and one must be aware of those reasons. The recent researches explain that the Registry Cleaners will do nothing to speed up your PC. These Registry Cleaners may sometimes cause trouble by deleting the registry entries, which they should not do. This shows that this big cleaning process “Registry Cleaning” really won’t speed up your system at any cause. Of course, these Registry Cleaners aren’t the magic caches that may speed up your PC in a single click. But the PC Cleaner developers will struggle hard to make you believe.

What Does Registry Cleaners Do?
free-registry-cleanerThe Windows Registry serves as a huge database of settings (both for the Windows itself and also for the installed programs.) For eg: if a program is installed in your system, then automatically would get saved to the registry. Windows also would save pointers to that particular program. For instance, if the registered program is the default for a specific file type, then Windows will store a registry entry to remember that’s the default program. Moreover, if you uninstall the program, then it might not lose all its registry entries. They might remain in the registry unless you reinstall the Windows, or refresh your system, “clean” them with the help of Best Registry Cleaner, or deleted them manually.

The Fake Promises of Registry Cleaners

The registry cleaner just scans your registry for entries and remove the outdated entries. But what the Register Cleaner organizations advertise in such a way that this would boost up the performance improvements, and so they tend you to purchase their software. They also place some promises that their Registry Cleaner tools can make often:

Registry Cleaner Scan Results

  • The “registry errors” are being fixed by the Registry Cleaners, which cause system crashes and also even the blue screens.
  • Your registry will get filled up with junk, that causes “clogging” it and PC slow performance.
  • The Registry Cleaners eliminate the damaged and corrupted entries.

You need not worry about the Registry entries for the issues like PC crashing, blue screens, and so on, but what the snake oil traders make you to believe so. If your registry gets corrupted, then you might face huge problems, which the registry cleaner cannot fix, and you have to utilize the System Restore, at least. If you are not using a registry cleaner, there’s nothing “unsafe” in doing so.