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Swift PC Optimizer comes with one of the Best PC Cleaner function that is essential for each and every PC user to clean and optimize the Windows computer.  This Free PC Cleaner is a must have tool to remove all the unwanted junk files from your computer’s hard disk.


If your computer has become annoyingly slow and it’s out of box performance is now a nightmare, our powerful PC Cleaner is the ultimate solution. The Best PC Cleaner does an excellent job in cleaning up the mess that Windows and other applications have created to depreciate performance of your PC. Swift PC Optimizer’s Free PC Cleaner module is one of the best to clean and remove all the unwanted junk items from your computer that should not be there. It not only cleans your computer but also free up lots of space on your computer’s hard disk that can be utilized for some other productive tasks.


Swift PC Optimizer gets rid of junk and obsolete files from your PC to instantly boost performance and response time. In the process, considerable space is freed up in the hard disk to help you store more useful files and data. This Free Computer Cleaner also helps you to carefully select the files that you want to remove and leave the other ones …


There might be many software on your computer that you have installed years ago but hardly used them. These software not only slows down your computer but also takes lots of space on hard disk. Swift PC Optimizer’s Best PC Cleaner module helps you to safely uninstall unwanted programs from the computer, saving disk space in the process …


When you browse the internet, lots of unwanted files downloads on your computer in the background that you cannot see. Swift PC Optimizer cleans useless internet files like cache, cookies, browsing history, among others, to boost your web browsing experience by loading pages faster, this also safeguard your privacy and protect the data on your computer …


Just so you know, each time you visit a web page on your computer, the PC downloads and stores data, including images and cookies even after the web pages have been closed by the user and the computer has been shut these files remains on your computer.  They’re known as temporary internet files and they primarily lie in your computer hard disk, notoriously eating up and shrinking the otherwise useful disk space. Some of these files are also used to track your identity thus it becomes essential to remove these files from your computer as soon as possible. It is also recommended to periodically clean the recycle bin and recent file history for better performance. But most of us usually forget to clean these items from the computer that’s why our Free PC Cleaner comes with scheduled cleaning function so that it does the job even if you forget.

John K
California, USA
I was using Swift PC Optimizer to Clean My PC just to check how it works and trust me I was amazed. It cleaned and optimized my computer within few minutes only.
Kent M
New York, USA
I was using the PC Cleaner Free trial for 30 days before I decided to upgrade to the premium version as it was the Best PC Cleaner tool I have ever seen. My computer is now faster and better.
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