How to Fix “DLL File Not Found” Error

How to Fix “DLL File Not Found” Error

dll-iconHow it feels when you’re downloading any application on your computer and after installation, it starts giving you error related to DLL file not found? Probably it’s the worst thing that happened with you or it may happen with your computer anytime. Do not worry! We’re going to have a close look on such kind of error and then will reveal how to fix it within couple of minutes.

What is DLL File?
DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) file format is used for holding multiple codes and procedure for windows programs. The purpose behind creating such files is related to multiple programs that could use this file at the same time, aiding memory conservation. Dynamic-link libraries also work for allowing users to edit the coding of multiple applications at the same time, without changing the applications themselves. It can also be converted to static libraries through using DLL to Lib 3.00. The file format of .exe and .DLL are similar.

DLL File Not Found

Why Does Computer Give This Error?
There are many reasons behind getting error related to missing DLL files. Most of the time it starts from an unexpected shut down of your computer or laptop. Basically DLL files are similar to .exe files and when they’re in process of any work and suddenly your computer gets shut down than it is probable to get crashed these kinds of files. In this case computer will be start giving you error related to missing DLL file.

Another reason behind having DLL missing error is downloading incomplete setup for any software, game or other application. You’re downloading any application form internet (you’re not purchasing) in this case you’re not sure about what you’re downloading. Sometimes it happen that the application you’re downloading or few files or few DLL files are unknown for your antivirus and that’s not able to read those files, so those files will be deleted as your antivirus works to protect your computer from suspicious files. And then it starts giving error says that “DLL file missing”.

How to Fix
There are many ways through you can fix this problem & these are:-

  1. You can restart your computer when it start giving you this error because sometimes it happen that DLL error is temporary and a restart can fix it by itself.
  2. Check your Recycle bin as you may have deleted it accidentally, you can restore it.
  3. You can recover your DLL file through a free file recovery program. You can download it by searching on Google.
  4. You can run PC Cleaner program as sometimes “DLL is missing” or “DLL not found” errors are related to hostile program that masquerade as DLL files.
  5. You can use system restore to UNDO recent system changes as it may restore your computer on the point where you missed your DLL file.
  6. You can update your driver or software that might be related to the DLL error.
  7. You can apply the available windows updates as many operating systems can replace or update thousand of DLL files from their working version.

These steps are general troubleshoot steps that does not specify any particular DLL error. After a clean installation of windows, if you’re still facing that problem than your DLL problem can be related to hardware parts.